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Dajemy zdrowie i dobre wspomnienia

Leisure activities

In order to regenerate you need not only medical treatment and the climate of a mountain spa, but also some fun. Of course fun may mean something different to everyone. Below you can find some proposals on how to spend your time in Lwigród, in Krynica, and in the neighbouring region.  

Our clients from state-funded spa and both state-funded and commercial rehabilitation stays are offered a free tour of Krynica. Clients from commercial rehabilitation stays can also expect that they will be able to participate in a mountain folks’ feast at a bonfire, and a coach trip through Krynica’s surroundings. In addition, we have cooperated for years with tour operators Jaworzyna and PTTK who offer many inexpensive and interesting coach trips (details at their websites [tours Jaworzyna] and [tours PTTK])

Detailed information in Polish about attractions of the city and its surroundings may be found at the site of the Municipal Hall [calendar or events], and the Krynica Tourist Organisation (KOT). The KOT’s website also displays a calendar of events in and near Krynica. Unfortunately to the best of our knowledge currently there is no good source of information of this type in English.

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