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Clients’ guide

Dear clients,


Thank you for choosing Lwigród. Let us work together to ensure that your stay gives you as much as possible fun, peace of mind, health and well-being. Below you can find some practical advice for making your stay better and easier. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have regarding the things we can do in addition to what we are doing now, so that your future stays would be yet better.

  • Travel to Lwigród

    You can find convenient bus and train connections between Krynica-Zdrój and major Polish cities, including Białystok, Dębica, Koszalin, Lublin, Łódź, Kielce, Cracow, Katowice, Piła, Piotrków, Poznań, Radom, Rzeszów, Warsaw, and Tarnów. You can obtain national bus and train information (in Polish only) by calling 703 402 802. When you go by bus it is best to get off at the Krynica-Zdrój-Hawana stop which lies about 300 meters away from Lwigród. Please remember that at the railway station in Krynica there is no ticket window, so if you travel by train you should either buy a return ticket in advance at another station, or buy a ticket from a conductor on the train (for which you have to pay extra).

    Our premises are located very close to town centre, and about 2000 meters away from the main train and bus station [see map]. From the main station you can reach us by commercial buss (small busses without numbers driving in the direction of Nowy Sącz). The adult fare is 2 to 2.5 zlotys (price as of October 2014). You should get off at the Krynica-Zdrój-Hawana bus stop. Lwigród is located by the Nitribitta Park. On the building here is a large, visible from afar name of our centre.

    At the main train and bus station there is a cab rank. The fare for driving to Lwigród is about PLN 20 both on weekdays and at weekend (cab rates are the same). You can also call for a RADIO TAXI cab at (+48) 18 471 20-76, (+48) 18 471 20 66.

    Some clients seek to get a ride with other clients coming to Krynica at the same time, in exchange for sharing the price of the fuel. You can find such possibilities on the internet, for example [here]. Again this is accessible for Polish-speakers only. A remark for those who seek to travel by car after their stay is over: the reception desk is not authorised to divulge contact details of owners of the vehicles parked at our lot by the building. If you want to look for a ride, please leave a message at the notice board on the first floor near the bigger lift.

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  • For drivers

    You should remember that entering Krynica-Zdrój in your vehicle navigation, without indicating the route, may lead you along a very picturesque road which at some places may turn out to be narrow or steep. This may be important when the road is slippery, especially at low temperatures. Krynica is a mountain town and the shortest route may not be the fastest one. A good route is from Cracow to Brzesko and further along national road no. 94 via Nowy Sącz to Krynica. An alternative and often faster route is the ‘Zakopianka’ (route from Cracow to Zakopane – expressway no. E77). You should turn off that road in the Direction of Mszana Dolna, and then drive through Limanowa and Nowy Sącz to Krynica.

    We have a limited number of parking places. It is not possible to book your parking in advance. The parking lot is paid and unguarded. Please note that Lwigród has no liability for any damage by other users. There are three places for handicapped persons, and the payment is the same as for other users (full 14-day rehabilitation stay: 85 zlotys, shorter stays: 10 zlotys per day).

    We ask parking users for their mobile phone number. You are not obliged to give it, but it may help you if your vehicle has to be moved or if it gets damaged by another user of the parking lot.

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  • What should you take with you?

    When you go to a rehabilitation stay, you should take with you:

    • Identification document
    • Level of disability certificate (this is not obligatory for commercial clients who do not claim co-funding by the National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons)
    • Referral to rehabilitation stay (in the event the travel is organised by an intermediary such as tour operator)

    You should also bring with you some comfortable sportswear (track suit, shoes) and plastic or rubber footwear for water treatments.

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  • Day of arrival

    When you arrive with a big suitcase, it is better to take the entry to the left of the building rather than the front one. The left entry is more comfortable for people with big luggage or moving with crutches or in a wheelchair. In the main entrance there is a beautiful, pre-war revolving door which is great to look at but not so easy to cross with a large suitcase. Speaking of suitcases: when you have checked in you can pull your luggage up a ramp to the right of the stairs leading to the lift facing the reception. The lift goes up to the 5th floor. If you have a room on the 6th floor, you need to take the lift to any floor and then go to another lift. Should you need help with your luggage, please contact the reception desk. We will certainly help you.

    In order to assure a fast check-in for everybody, when coming to the reception desk please have your ID prepared. During the check-in we cash in the local tax (currently 3.5 zlotys per day, according to the Resolution of Municipal Council of Krynica-Zdrój on the amount of spa tax) and payment for the parking lot from those who use it. The local tax is the only charge we can take only in cash. The total amount of that tax for a 14-day stay is 49 zlotys. All other payments may be made within three days of your arrival, either in cash or by credit card. You can also pay for your stay in advance by bank transfer and only pay the local tax and additional services (if you use them) once you are in our centre. The reception desk works around the clock, and payments are accepted from 730 (7:30 a.m.) to 2130 (9:30 p.m.).

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  • Skipping the queue

    The following persons are not obliged to wait in a queue to the reception desk, nurses’ room and doctor’s room:

    • Women with visible pregnancy
    • Persons with visible motor disability who walk with crutches or are in a wheelchair
    • Blind persons
    • Distinguished blood donors and distinguished transplant donors – upon presentation of their distinguished donor ID
    • War- and military-disabled persons – upon presentation of their war or military disability ID
    • Combatants and state-victimised persons – upon presentation of their combatant or state-victim ID

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  • Allocation of rooms

    Clients obtain rooms according to their previous booking. Handicapped persons are asked for an earlier contact by e-mail or phone so that we can give them rooms appropriate to their needs.

    On the 2nd or 3rd day of the stay we organise an information meeting at which we discuss all information necessary or helpful for your stay at our centre, our additional offer, good ways to spend your leisure, etc. At the meeting we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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  • Treatment and rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation stay (full-payment or co-funded by the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Handicapped Persons

    The basic stay is 14 days long. It starts at 1200 on the first day and ends at 1000 a.m. of the last day. Commercial clients can buy a shorter rehabilitation stay of 7 to 13 days. The number of rehabilitation treatments during the shortened stay is smaller, proportionally to the number of days you stay in our centre.

    During the check-in at the reception desk clients are given a room and informed about the time when they should come to the nurses’ room (room no. 122 on the 1st floor – see [diagram]). The nurses fill in a client’s medical card, take his/her referral to treatment from his/her doctor (this is not applicable for commercial stays), take his/her weight and height and set the first appointment with our doctor. Every client has a visit at the doctor’s not later than 24 hours from the moment of arrival. The doctor qualifies the client for treatment and fills in his/her rehabilitation treatment card. The client may take the card from the nurses’ room on the same day and later has to take it with him/her to every treatment session. 

    Each client is given 21 treatments during one 14-day stay. Treatments are prescribed depending on the client’s health and medical indications and contraindications. Treatment sessions are scheduled from Monday through Friday.

    The preliminary medical examination by a doctor takes place within 24 hours after your arrival, and the final examination within 24 hours before your departure.

    Treatments using natural materials which are available in Lwigród are: water-drinking treatment (crenotherapy), mineral water and peat baths, peat pulp wraps, peat pulp wraps with electric heating of the wraps, peat tampons, saline and mineral water inhalations.

    The duration of treatment sessions is in conformance with guidelines of the national consultant for balneology and physical medicine and rehabilitation. The guidelines are accessible on demand in the nurses’ room.

    You can buy additional treatments on condition that our doctor agrees to that type and amount of additional treatment.

    Clients staying at Lwigród are obliged to conform to the centre’s regulations as well as rules of behaviour during treatment (especially water treatment). 

    Sessions in rehabilitation pool currently take place in Continental spa centre which neighbours on our building.

    Should you have any doubts, suggestions or complaints regarding your treatment or diet please contact our deputy director for medical matters.

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  • Food

    We offer the following types of diet: basic, light, diabetic, and individual diets dependent on the type of client’s disease or dysfunction. Diets are prescribed by our doctor. 

    At first meal every client is allotted a table in one of our two dining rooms. Should you decide to go on a trip, there is a possibility to obtain dry take-away food upon previous notice. The notice should be made by 10 a.m. of the day preceding your trip. It is up to every client to decide whether, when and where to go on a trip.  

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  • Your stay

    Clients participating in our rehabilitation stays are always proposed a free-of-charge walking trip around Krynica with a guide in Polish, a bus trip in the surroundings of Krynica, and a mountain folk party with food. Sometimes we offer additional attractions which are presented every time during the organisational meeting which is organised on the 2nd or 3rd day of the stay. In our centre we care for the peace and quiet of our clients, hence we do not organise any dancing parties with music. However, those who love to dance will easily find many hospitable places nearby. You can also buy inexpensive bus trips from one of tour operators who cooperate with us: [PTTK]  or [Jaworzyna] .

    During your stay you have to follow our regulations. Please remember that all our building is smoke-free, including the balconies. Much additional information such as some tips on tourist attractions in Krynica and ways to spend your leisure, hours when the holy mess is celebrated at the local church, etc. can be found at a notice board on the 1st floor. 

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  • Local tax

    The local tax is the only payment which we accept only in cash

    According to current municipal regulations everyone who stays in Krynica is obliged to pay a local tax amounting currently to 3.5 zlotys per day. The total amount for a 14-day rehabilitation stay is 49 zlotys. The only persons exempt from payment are holders of a document certifying sight impairment marked as ‘04’. 

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  • Additional payments

    Additional payments are identical for all our clients. The only difference between those from state-funded stays and those who participate in paid rehabilitation stays is that the latter have payment for TV, electric kettle and wireless internet access already included in their stay price. All other additional payments are the same.









    TV + kettle

    Free of charge

    Included in the rehabilitation stay price.



    Free of charge

    Accessible on demand.




    Included in the rehabilitation stay price.


    Additional change of bedclothes

    PLN 10



    Additional change of towel

    Small – PLN 3

    Large – PLN 4

    We change towels free of charge once per stay. Only additional change is paid.



    Free of charge

    One per each bed.



    PLN 2 /day

    PLN 10 /7 days

    PLN 15 /14 days

    PLN 25 /21 days



    Iron and ironing board

    1 hour free of charge

    Every hour over 1 – PLN 2 per hour

    On every floor there are at least 2 ironing boards. Should they be missing (due to use by other clients) please contact the reception desk.



    1st hour free of charge

    Every hour over 1 – PLN 2 per hour



    Clothes dryer

    Free of charge

    Unfortunately due to sanitary regulations there is no washing machine for your use. Hand-washed laundry or moist towels can be dried free of charge in an electric tumble dryer in room 221 (key at the reception desk). At reception desk you can also borrow an additional clothes dryer.


    Small library

    Free of charge

    Books in Polish only. From the small library at the reception desk we lend books to client’s name. The library shelf in the hall by the lift on the 2nd floor is self-service. There is a public library in town (ul. Nowotarskiego 1 near the promenade, under the lower ropeway station to Park Mountain, tel./ fax. +48 18 471 22 03)


    Internal and incoming phone calls

    Free of charge



    Outgoing phone calls

    PLN 0.35 /minute

    Flat charge regardless of time of day and day of week. Can be paid the same day or when you are checking out. If you stay at a room with strangers we suggest that you pay right after the connection in order to avoid misunderstanding as to which client was calling when.


    Sending a fax

    PLN 3 /page



    Additional rehabilitation

    As per pricelist

    Doctor’s consent required.



    PLN 10 /hour

    Price for 1 to 2 persons.


    Nordic Walking

    1 hour – 15 PLN

    10 one-hour sessions – PLN 130

    Training with a certified instructor. Price includes professional poles for duration of training.


    Trekking poles for Nordic Walking

    PLN 5 per all stay




    PLN 10 /hour



    Table tennis

    Free of charge



    Board games

    Free of charge



    Check-in one day prior to date when rehabilitation stay begins

    PLN 80

    Price includes overnight stay and breakfast next morning.


    Earlier check-out due to health or family reasons which make further stay impossible.

    Free of charge

    Refers to state-funded stays. The existence of a health reason has to be confirmed by our doctor. Amount calculated as per duration of stay missed.


    Earlier check-out for other reasons.


    Time missed is not refunded by our centre.


    Parking lot

    1 day – PLN 10

    14 days – PLN 85

    21 days – PLN 130

    28 days – PLN 170

    Payment rate per each day over 14 days is PLN 6, regardless of the duration of stay. Each client receives (upon payment of a PLN 50 security deposit) a remote for the gate.


    Xerox copy

    PLN 1 /page



    Wireless internet connection

    Free of charge

    Only for clients with mobile devices. We do not lend laptops, tablets, etc.


    Fixed-line internet access

    20 min. – PLN 1

    Internet accessible in living room on 1st floor or as indicated by reception desk.


    Deposit box for valuables

    PLN 5 /day


    At reception desk. We accept valuables whose worth does not exceed PLN 5000.



    14 days – PLN 30

    21 days – PLN 50

    28 days – PLN 65



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  • Day of departure

    On the day of departure your last meal is breakfast. Rehabilitation stay clients should vacate their rooms by 1000 a.m. Should you decide to prolong your stay please contact the reception desk, as depending on the date of the following stay and the number of guests there may be no room available.

    If you have checked out you can leave your luggage free of charge – please ask at the reception desk. Before leaving our centre please remember to check out at the reception, leave your keys and the remote for the gate if you used the parking lot.

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  • Provision of medical documentation

    Each client has the right to access medical documentation regarding his/her health and medical treatment received (according to the Law of 6 November 2008 on Patient Rights and Ombudsman for Patient Rights). Under the law our centre is authorised to require payment for making copies of medical documentation available to clients.

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  • Ideas, proposals and complaints

    We want you to leave Lwigród in better health and with good memories, so that we would have the pleasure of hosting you again. For this reason we would greatly appreciate your remarks regarding the operation of our centre, the treatment, the atmosphere, quality of service, and leisure activities. What else could we do to make you more satisfied with your stay? Should there be more of something? Less of something? Did you miss anything? What should we do in a different way? For financial reasons we are not able to meet all wishes of our clients, but together we are making many small steps which make a road to increasingly good quality of our services as well as your health and good memories of the stay.

    It was on demand from our clients that, since June 2013, we introduced Nordic Walking sessions, additional integration events, etc. We also changed TV sets in all rooms to modern flat sets with cable TV. We changed lighting and added room for cosmetics in all bathrooms. 

    We would greatly appreciate any suggestions for improving our services, by e-mail. We are also asking clients from randomly selected stays to fill in a short client satisfaction questionnaire. It is also thanks to feedback from you that we are updating this guide, so that our future clients would be even better informed.

    Suggestions and complaints may be filed in person to the facility manager, in writing by post or through reception desk, or by e-mail (to dyrektor@lwigrod.pl).

    We would be happy to host you!

    Lwigród and Krynica-Zdrój

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