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  1. Upon check-in the client is allocated a room and a seat in restaurant. It is forbidden to change the room or the seat in restaurant without previous arrangement with the management.
  2. The rehabilitation stay begins at 1400 (2 p.m.) of the first day and ends at 1000 (10 a.m.) of the last day of the stay.
  3. Clients are obliged to observe cleanliness and established order on the premises.
  4. Clients are obliged to strictly follow sanitary and fire regulations.
  5. Medical treatments are prescribed by a medical doctor only, with strict adherence to medical recommendations.
  6. Information regarding dates of medical examinations is placed on noticeboards.  
  7. Clients should come on time to medical examinations and treatment sessions. Otherwise the examination may be postponed, and a given treatment session on that day may not be carried out.  
  8. Clients should strictly follow medical orders regarding the type of and behaviour during treatments.
  9. Exchange or sharing of treatment prescriptions among clients is forbidden.
  10. Clients should strictly follow meal, treatment and rest hours.  
  11. Meals in living quarters may be eaten only by clients confined to bed or persons who have obtained a permission of their medical doctor.  
  12. Smoking on the premises is forbidden.
  13. During the time of medical treatment it is forbidden to drink alcohol or engage in games of chance on the premises.  
  14. It is forbidden to use immersion heaters, electric or gas cookers, incense sticks and other sources of open fire in rooms. Places for ironing are located in corridors. Please remember to close water taps and windows, and to switch off the light before you leave your room.  
  15. It is forbidden for clients to take any furniture out of their rooms.  
  16. Clients are financially liable for any damage caused by their fault on the premises.
  17. Lwigród shall not be liable for any money or valuables which have not been entrusted to the reception for safekeeping.  
  18. After 2200 (10 p.m.) all clients are to keep quiet hours.
  19. Clients may inform directly the Director of the premises or any of his/her deputies about any complaints, or to enter such complaints into the complaints and proposals book at the reception.
  20. Outside visitors to our clients may stay overnight only upon payment, provided there are beds available.
  21. Outside visitors may meet clients only in the living room or in the hall. Such visitors may be invited to clients’ rooms only upon the consent of other clients staying in the rooms.
  22. Third parties may be present on the premises only until 2200 (10 a.m.).
  23. It is strictly forbidden to organise any charity collections on the promises without the Director’s consent.
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