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Dajemy zdrowie i dobre wspomnienia

Sports and tourist attractions

Gondola lift at Jaworzyna Krynicka

The first gondola lift in Poland, built in 1997. Operating all year. In winter it brings heaven closer to skiers, as it helps them use one of the 10 professionally prepared ski routes. In summer it is used by mountain bikers and hikers. The summit of Jaworzyna Krynicka lies at 1114 m over sea level, and the level difference from summit to base is nearly 500 m.

Cable car at Góra Parkowa (Park Mountain)

The cable car station is located at the heart of Krynica-Zdrój and forms part of the historic Spa Park. It has been carrying visitors and health resort patients to the summit of the Park Mountain for nearly 80 years. The lower station is located right next to the promenade, close to Jan Water Pump. The Park Mountain summit lies at 741 m over sea level. The park located on its slopes offers many walking trails where you can see the figure of Blessed Virgin Mary, ponds and arbours.

Ski lifts

  • Cable and ski lifts and Jaworzyna Krynicka
  • Azoty Ski Centre
  • Słotwiny Ski Centre
  • Henryk Ski Centre
  • Tylicz Ski Station

Sankostrada (luge track)

Attraction available in summertime. Gives you nearly 1000 meters of sheer fun. A professional track located at the slope of Ivkova Mountain near the spa’s town centre. A significant difference of levels allows the luges to go at up to 50 km/h. As the steering is sure and easy, the client may regulate the speed. An additional perk are the panoramic views of beautiful surroundings.

Rajskie ślizgawki (Paradise slides)

Attraction located at the summit of the Park Mountain. Great fun not only for children. Slides in the form of spirals, waves and going through pipes bring you unforgettable emotions in spring and summer.

Tourist & education trails

Attractions for hikers and those interested in nature and beautiful views. Trails and educational tracks of varying difficulty are located inter alia at Jaworzyna Krynicka, the Park Mountain, Huzary and Banica.

Multimedia fountain

This attraction is located at the heart of Krynica-Zdrój, at the promenade next to Pijalnia Główna (Main Water Pump). Renovated and opened in 1912, it gives you many pleasant sensations. From noon to late night you can witness a multimedia show based on music, play of lights and a dance of water jets spouting from 80 nozzles which brings delight to the many spectators. The place is pretty with its surroundings of the promenade with trees, commercial stands and bridges over the Kryniczanka stream. The promenade, also named the Dietl Boulevard, is lined with stylish streetlamps and benches.

Biking routes

There are many biking routes located in Krynica and neighbouring lands. Bikers have at their disposal both hard-surface and field routes along tourist trails. There are nearly 200 kilometres of routes of varying levels of difficulty and with scenic views.

Cross-country skiing routes

Krynica and neighbouring lands boast a number of well-kept cross-country skiing routes for both amateurs and professionals. Cross-country skiing is now very popular, and Krynica is a perfect place to start your adventure with this sport discipline.

Indoors ice field – Ice Hall

A place with a full-scaled ice track and spectator stands for nearly 3000 guests. Ice fields are accessible from July to April. In 2014 the Ice Hall hosted the Miss Supernational finals and the jubilee 25th Miss Poland contest.

Outdoors swimming pool

Swimming pool located in the centre of Krynica-Zdrój, in Puławskiego Street.

Tennis courts

The tennis courts are located next to the Ice Hall. Visitors have at their disposal four courts with brick surface. In addition, one may use courts located at the back of the outdoors swimming pool in Puławskiego Street.

Rope park & paintball

The rope park is located near Jaworzyna Krynicka and intended for both children and adults. It gives you the possibility to spend your time in a pleasant manner with all your family. With its high security standards, even walks at a dozen-odd meters’ height are fully secure. There are varying route difficulty levels which shape your character and make you feel like improving your skills. Already 3-year-olds may start here their adventure with climbing. Children may also play at a playground with trampoline and bumper ball.

Salt grotto – Salinarium

An attraction intended for medical use. A specially adapted room holds a halogenerator which creates dry salt aerosol which supports healing with inhalations.

Mini-golf course

An attraction accessible to guests in Krynica since 2010. A complex of 18 courses can be a source of fun to all your family. Wysoka Hotel at 2 Polna Street.

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