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Magical Garden – Leisure ponds

The Magical Garden is located in Muszyna’s Zapopradzie health resort district, by Zdrojowa Alley and behind the Antoni mineral water source. Entrance free of charge, 24/7, all year round.

The Magical Garden is a 27 000 m2 park with scenic ponds. As it hosts 10 unique sandstone sculptures, it resembles slightly ancient Greek or Roman gardens with mythological statues. The best (un)saint patron of the garden would be Aphrodite represented by one of the sculptures. Other works portray other mythological figures: Adonis (beloved by Aphrodite, god of the dying and rebirth of nature), Hebe (daughter of Zeus and Hera, goddess of youth), Thalia (daughter of Zeus and muse of comedy), Antiope (a beautiful woman, kidnapped by Zeus who took on the shape of a Satyr for that occasion), Canephora (woman bearing a basket with offerings to gods during processions in ancient Greece), the seasons (one sculpture bearing a strong resemblance to Dionysos). The Magical Garden takes on a special charm in the evening, when they light an illumination and the ponds are made alive with artificial geysers.

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