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Treatment and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation stay (full-payment or co-funded by the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Handicapped Persons

The basic stay is 14 days long. It starts at 1200 on the first day and ends at 1000 a.m. of the last day. Commercial clients can buy a shorter rehabilitation stay of 7 to 13 days. The number of rehabilitation treatments during the shortened stay is smaller, proportionally to the number of days you stay in our centre.

During the check-in at the reception desk clients are given a room and informed about the time when they should come to the nurses’ room (room no. 122 on the 1st floor – see [diagram]). The nurses fill in a client’s medical card, take his/her referral to treatment from his/her doctor (this is not applicable for commercial stays), take his/her weight and height and set the first appointment with our doctor. Every client has a visit at the doctor’s not later than 24 hours from the moment of arrival. The doctor qualifies the client for treatment and fills in his/her rehabilitation treatment card. The client may take the card from the nurses’ room on the same day and later has to take it with him/her to every treatment session. 

Each client is given 21 treatments during one 14-day stay. Treatments are prescribed depending on the client’s health and medical indications and contraindications. Treatment sessions are scheduled from Monday through Friday.

The preliminary medical examination by a doctor takes place within 24 hours after your arrival, and the final examination within 24 hours before your departure.

Treatments using natural materials which are available in Lwigród are: water-drinking treatment (crenotherapy), mineral water and peat baths, peat pulp wraps, peat pulp wraps with electric heating of the wraps, peat tampons, saline and mineral water inhalations.

The duration of treatment sessions is in conformance with guidelines of the national consultant for balneology and physical medicine and rehabilitation. The guidelines are accessible on demand in the nurses’ room.

You can buy additional treatments on condition that our doctor agrees to that type and amount of additional treatment.

Clients staying at Lwigród are obliged to conform to the centre’s regulations as well as rules of behaviour during treatment (especially water treatment). 

Sessions in rehabilitation pool currently take place in Continental spa centre which neighbours on our building.

Should you have any doubts, suggestions or complaints regarding your treatment or diet please contact our deputy director for medical matters.

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