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Obrożyska Lime Forest

Obrożyska Lime Forest is ca. 1.5 km away from the centre of Muszyna. Entrance from Lipowa Street, free of charge.

The forest is a nature reserve created in 1919. Its surface is over 100 ha. It is located in the Poprad River Landscape Park and covers part of the Mikova hill over Muszyna. It is unique as it has the only fragment of a lime primeval forest in the Carpathians, considered to be a relic of the post-ice age (ca. 4000-2000 years B.C.). The prevailing plant species is small-leaf lime, but there are also firs, spruces and beeches. The oldest trees are over 200 years. The forest is full of sunlight and has a specific microclimate. You can meet there common wildlife species such as badgers, wild boars, deer or fox, but if you are lucky you can also see a wildcat or a clouded apollo (a butterfly which is very rare in Poland). The park is also home to the biggest number of fire salamanders in Poland. There is a 3-kilometer education route with information boards and resting spaces (time to walk: ca. 2 hrs).

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