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Dajemy zdrowie i dobre wspomnienia


Next to the Name of Mary Church in Tylicz. Entrance free of charge, but symbolic donations to the parish are not frowned upon.

Golgota (in Latin: Calvary) is a hill near Jerusalem where criminals were executed. As Jesus Christ was crucified there, the name of Golgota is sometimes used as a synonym for the Passion, from His prayer at the Garden of Gethsemane to His crucifixion. The Tylicz parish priest, Marian Stach, decided to illustrate the Passion with a 25-meter-tall stone construction with Stations of the Cross. The Golgota resembles the Tower of Babel painted in the Renaissance by the Dutch master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Around the tower there are Rosary paths between chapels whose roofs are joined with wire on which pieces of stones are threaded in such a way that they resemble the rosary. The construction includes a viewing terrace from which you can enjoy a panorama of Tylicz. It was built chiefly with local stone, but there are also 120 ‘stones from all over the world’ which were brought by pilgrims. That is to remind us that Jesus died for all men regardless of where they lived. In the area you can find monuments to great Poles, quotations from the Bible and from Polish great national poets. The Golgota is a place numerously visited by pilgrims and tourists. It makes you stop and think. It is also a living space, as new elements are being added all the time.

You can make a virtual tour at the Tylicz parish site: http://www.parafiatylicz.pl/wycieczka-po-golgocie.html.

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